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~ We started our business in 2001, and will never forget 911.~

~ We salute American Troops fighting for our freedoms, as without them,

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United States of America           The Great State of Florida

Who We Are :

Our company was started with a vision of two people from North Florida.  Our vision is to sell cars direct to the public at wholesale pricing guidelines plus a fee, all of which totals a price that is well below retail pricing guidelines.


We formed North Florida Motosports, LLC under the laws of the State of Florida, and we operate from our retail site location in Gainesville, Florida.  We are Florida licensed independent automobile dealers, and we sell cars direct to the public at wholesale pricing guidelines ~ plus a small commission for our work.  We take pride in being able to keep the total price well below retail pricing guidelines, while helping you find the vehicle of your choice - at a fantastic bargain.



Where We Are :

We are located at:  North Florida Motosports, LLC

320 N.E. 33rd Avenue – Suite #F

                             Gainesville, Florida    32609-2372





What Can We Do For You ?

So your considering a purchase for a used car ?   Well, here is what we can do for you.


If you’re the kind of person who wants to save big bucks buying a used car, either because you’re smart or can’t really afford not to get a good deal, then maybe we can help.   Let us outline some steps that you should follow when buying a used car from anyone (of course, we hope you buy it from us, so we will do our best.)


First, decide on what car you want to buy.  Year, make, model, primary features such as automatic transmission versus manual transmission, air conditioner, two door or four door, etcetera.  The more closely you can identify what you want, the easier it will be for you to find that right car for you, as well as it will be for us to find that right car for you.


Second, do some research and determine what a fair wholesale price is for the car you want to buy and what a fair retail price should bring for your car.  We can help you with this process as we have access to many different resources that identify current values for cars and trucks.


Third, Establish your budget and get your funding together.  Go to your bank (better yet, go to your local Credit Union) and determine your finance range and funds available to buy a car.  If you do not already have an account at your local credit union, now is a good time to open one.  We have never seen any bank or finance company beat the financing terms and opportunities available at local credit unions when it comes to financing a vehicle purchase.   Consider resources on-line to finance the purchase of a vehicle such as Wells Fargo.


Fourth, contact us at North Florida Motosports, LLC and make a deal.  Communicate via e-mail or telephone, and when you are ready to make that purchase you have been waiting for, we will meet and make arrangements for the actual purchase and delivery.  We purchase direct wholesale from the Wholesale Auto Auctions and will find the best deal for that car or truck that you have been looking for, and at the best price than you will find anywhere.


Fifth, take delivery of that new car you have been dreaming of but just could not push yourself to pay full retail for in the past.  Who knows, when you sell it, you may even make some money, or at least minimize your depreciation losses.  We will deliver your car to your home or office, anywhere in the United States.


And Last, refer your friends and colleagues to us. We’ll thank you for it, and so will they. 


What Do We Charge for Our Service ?

To start, lets take a look at typical wholesale prices and typical retail prices for the type of car you want to buy.  Typical retail pricing guidelines usually range from $3,500 to $7,000 above wholesale pricing guidelines.    Why do you think your local (Mazda / Honda / BMW / Chevrolet) dealer jacks the prices up so high for their used cars on their lots?  Because they can !


What we charge is just $700.00 (yes, that’s seven hundred dollars) over our cost to buy your car at wholesale pricing guidelines from the Wholesale Auto Auction and deliver it to you.  If you think there is a better deal out there ~ let us know.  If you know someone else that claims to do it for less, ask yourself (or better yet, ask them), are they telling you the truth ?



Example Purchase from North Florida Motosports, LLC

You’re no dummy, and you don’t want to get ripped off, right?  So you’re looking for that used Japanese import, four door sedan, four cylinder, automatic transmission, and air conditioner.   Or maybe it’s a 2007 Honda Accord or 2007 Toyota Corolla.  You know what you want, and you want a clean car with no collision repair and no frame damage.  Start by making a list the vehicles, itemize the options and features, then do some research and find out what the market value is for your car or truck for both wholesale and retail pricing guidelines.


Then contact us at North Florida Motosports, LLC, and let us help you find that car or truck at the best possible price for you.  You just can’t beat this, it’s the best deal around.


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Contact Information

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We can be reached via e-mail at:

via Telephone

We can be reached by telephone at:


IN Gainesville    @ 1-352-514-1800

via Facsimile


Toll Free  @  888-317-1901


via Web

Normally, we would tell you all about our web page, or you have already been re-directed to us at URL



Useful Links

*      National Association of Auto Dealers – Well known for providing current pricing guidelines

*  Kelly's Blue Book of Vehicle Values – Wholesale and retail pricing guidelines

*  Edmund’s  - vehicle purchasing guidelines

*  Auto Trader Online – compare prices and availability of vehicles at this site

*  Manheim Auto Auction – Worldwide Automobile Auction Organizations

*  ADESA Auto Auction – resource guide for true automobile auctions

*  BMW Car Club of America – One of our favorite links

*  Porsche Car Club of America – Known world wide as top notch rides

*  Corvette R UsCentral Florida Corvette Association

*  Auto Check Lemon Report – How much do you really know about the car your buying ?



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FAQ’s  -  Frequently Asked Questions  


What is a Wholesale Auto Auction ?


   Why can’t I just go to the Wholesale Auto Auction and buy my own car ?


What kind of fees and costs do license dealers have to maintain to be considered licensed ?


   I want to be a licensed auto dealer, what do I do ?


 *  Is this really a good deal through North Florida Motosports, LLC ?


* What do I do if I have to sell my car before I get another used car ?


* Does North Florida Motosports, LLC finance cars they sell   ?


*  What is BUY-HERE-PAY-HERE ?


    Do I really have to pay tax on my new car purchase ?


    So how does North Florida Motosports, LLC do it ?



Tell Us What You Think 


We honestly want to hear from you.  Tell us your honest and candid feelings and we will respond to your e-mail if you desire a response.  If you don’t want a response, let us know that too.  Drop us a note at:



Business Fleet Vehicle Purchase Programs 

è    Fleet Vehicles Must Meet Many Requirements


The ideal fleet vehicle would be economical to buy and operate, have a predictable residual value, fulfill requirements for driver safety, comfort, and cargo capacity, and meet corporate goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Fleet managers are struggling to achieve a balance among these sometimes-conflicting objectives while still keeping tight control over operating budgets challenged by vehicle price increases and sharply rising fuel costs.


While all fleet managers share common concerns, how they address them depends very much on the composition and purpose of the fleet.  A fleet of package delivery trucks has different requirements than a fleet of sedans used by pharmaceutical sales people. Government motor pools and companies with centralized fueling and maintenance facilities are more likely to include alternative fuel vehicles in their mix.  Nevertheless, every fleet, whether big or small, commercial or government, is confronting difficult challenges to meet budgets.!


Contact us and let us help you manage your fleet vehicle program.  We will provide you the necessary economic information to forecast total operating costs along with projected residual value.




Transporting Vehicles

                *           Transporting your Vehicle can present many challenges in the automotive transport industry today.   If you are familiar and experienced with these challenges, they are not really problems at all.


What The Automotive Transport Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know about HOW THE AUTOMOTIVE TRANSPORT INDUSTRY WORKS:


The basic players in the automotive transport industry are the Shipper, the Trucker and the Broker.   If you own or purchase a car that needs to be shipping somewhere in the United States, then, you play the role of the Shipper is this story.   Next, you contact a Broker and pay them big bucks to have your car shipped to it’s destination.  The Broker, then contracts with the Trucker (often called the “Carrier”) to pick up your car and pays the Trucker, usually less than half what you paid the Broker.  Have we lost you yet ?


What do we do at North Florida Motosports, LLC ?


We deal directly with the Truckers/Carriers who transport your car.   We have full accountability of where your car is at during the transport.   We have direct contact information with the actual person driving the truck which holds your car.    How do we do this ?   (This is the best part)  We cut out the Broker !   By cutting out the Broker, we save you Big Bucks on your vehicle transport needs.


Now, where are you going to find this service at this price ?  


ANSWER:  North Florida Motosports, LLC






Exporting Division

        *           Exporting your vehicle is the easy part for us.   Let us do the leg work for you and get your car shipped most anywhere in the free world.


Current Projects

        *           Under Construction.  Please send us your ideas of what you would like to see here, or on any dealer’s web site.





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